Miscellaneous Pictures

Dedication of the Robert C. Shanks
Memorial U. S. Army Reserve Center
Grand Prarie, Texas, December 18, 2005

Great Bend Army Air Field, Kansas (1943)

Air Field Entrance
McCaffery photo

444th Group Formation

"Sentimental Journey at PIMA
circa 1995 (Cal Brown in view)

Painting by T. Weddell
Mission #181, Tokyo, May 23/24 1945

Propaganda Leaflet
Translation with enlargement

  • Click here for a collection of photos submitted by Ed Vickery (25th Squadron)

  • Some interesting items of Thomas "Mickey" Dolan
    from his niece, Joan D. Stewart

    Map of Guatemala City

    Pass for Guatemala City

    A Later Pass
    (after the hair has turned to gray)

    Mess Card

    "Mickey" Dolan in India (center)

    Troop Transport Mess Card
    (perhaps rough on Day 4)

    Engine notes

    These handwritten notes
    refer to firing order, etc.
    (presumed to be for B-29

    Engine notes 2

    The following photographs at the PIMA Air Museum, Tuscon, Arizona
    were taken November 16, 2000 by Frank and Jody Smith of Scottsdale, AZ

    "Sentimental Journey"
    Pima Air Museum
    Tuscon, AZ