B-29 "Genie" is a replica of #10 of the 25th Squadron for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It was created by Oscar Everitt and Nate Hicks (mostly Oscar). Versions are available for Flight Simulator 2000, Flight Simulator 98, and Combat Flight Simulator. A local scenery file is also available reproducing the Tinian/Saipan area as it was in 1945. These programs require Microsoft Flight Simulator (a proprietary program) to run, but the plane and scenery files are free and available on most flight simulator libraries. The plane has been immensly popular in the flight simulator community - it's a big file but has been downloaded over 10,200 times from one library alone. It's a great way to fly!
Crash and burn?? All you need do is hit the reset button and off you go again.
No broken bones - No broken hardware.

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Looking North Over Tinian
Tinian, Looking South
Approach to West Field
Over Eastern Long Island, NY
(before turrets were added)
Stormy Return From The North
Runway "A" and Hold For Flyover