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  • A 40th BG incident related in the book "Retribution" by Sir Max Hastings

  • "The Effort at Tinian" from the 112th Naval Construction Battalion

  • "The War Years" by Paul W. Hunter

  • "Over The Mountains in Western China" by Cletus Nelson

  • "Tinian" by Col. Charles T. VanVliet

  • "Stretching Gas Consumption" by Dick Veach

  • "A Letter From Tinian" by Howard Eppler

  • "Bailout of #42-6281", 10/25/44, and Crew Rescue. (Russell Elwell)

  • The Complete Collection of 81 War Stories of the 40th Bomb Group by Ira V. Matthews

  • "Last Run of the Rankless Wreck" (J. Ivan Potts)

  • "Tribute to a Combat Crew" (Ira V. Matthews)

  • "Rangoon Rescue" (Bill Rooney)

  • A Collection of 8 Stories (Bob Sanders)

  • S/Sgt. Russ Locandro and his "Stateside 7" orchestra

  • "Men Against The Sea" as published by the Air Force Association

  • "The Boat Trip to India", Ed Vickery's Story.

  • "A Perilous Take-off (from Hsingching)" by Howard Eppler

  • The Crash of #291 with Capt. Alvin Hills (from Harry Changnon)

  • "A Very Close Call" by Howard Eppler

  • "I Shot Out Our Own Engine" by Calvin Brown

  • "The Shortened Life of B-29 42-6268" by Howard Eppler

  • "A Royal Buzz Job" written by Howard Eppler

  • "Stomping A Cobra" written by Howard Eppler

  • "Mothership Mission from Iwo" written by Jim Drnek

  • "Bailout of "Sister Sue", B-29 #42-6342, October 14, 1944, written by Cal Brown and Ted Urban

  • "A Letter Home written from Tinian 9/3/45 by Capt. Henry Roenigk, M.D.

  • "Recollections of the War by Vic Dison, Tail Gunner, 25th Squadron