Maj. George Weschler Crew, Aircraft # 42-65233

20TH AIR FORCE. . . When crewmen of the B-29 "Superstitious Aloysious" walked away from their plane on its return to base following a mission over Mukden, Manchuria, they lost no time in hitting the sack for in three and a half days they had completed three missions and more than 34 hours of combat flying. They spent more than half of their combat time over enemy territory, on one occasion fighting off more than 25 Jap planes, and their mileage was equal to one- fourth of the distance around the globe Maj George T. Wcschler, Tuscaloosa, Ala, was commander of the ship. Lt. H. S. Green, Sarasota, Fla. was copilot; Capt Clark Thomas, Springfield. SD, navigator, and Lt Frederic Walkoff, Brooklyn, radar officer. S/Sgt Everett Swanson, Kane, Pa, a gunner, shot down one Jap fighter. Other gunners are Sgt Earl Gehris, Boyertown, Ga; T/Sgts Chester Wnuk Plymouth, Pa, and Jay E. Jannon Ruston, La. T/Sgt Ernest 0. Skeen, San Bernardino, Calif, is radio operator.