Becky Townes Vincent

(Daughter of William Townes, a 45th SQ Navigator

Lt. William Townes, Navigator
Charles Taylor Crew - India 1944

Captioned: "Larry, Crecil, Chuck, Tweet"
A/C# 44-61529, Virginia Tech

Aircraft# 42-63580, #28

Osaka Flak - Intense and Accurate

#42-65328, "Eight Ball Charlie"

8/14/45, Hikari Naval Arsenal

Captioned: "Osaka 4,000 lbs."

444th BG Aircraft

Gardner, Townes, Crecelius, Taylor, Petras
Farrar, Davis, Johnston, Rawson, Wagner, Satterfield

Standing: Johnston, LG; Davis, R; Rawson, RG; Satterfield, TG;
Seated: Petras, FE; Smith, B; Taylor, A/C; Crecelius, P;
Townes, N.
April 1944

July 20, 1945
Daly, Crecelius, Buzza, Gardner, Thornsberry, Holloman
Wilson, Cornwell, Oblender, Laxton, Taylor, Townes, Petras

Mess Hall, Chakulia
"Original Group Eating House"

Main Theater, "Pollard"

"Me and Pete
our second tent"

#42-24694, 500th BG

#42-65336, 462nd BG

POW Supply Mission
#27, #33, #35

#42-63482, 462nd BG