2/Lt. John Palazzi Crew
25th Squadron, Crew #47
Replacement Crew for Aircraft #42-24908

Photos provided by Frank J. Palazzi

2/Lt. John Palazzi Crew Photo
Palazzi, Fristik, Riley, Hayes, Repp
Cunningham, Racker, Reseigh
Miner, Mitchell, Crotty

A/C John Palazzi

John Palazzi

Thomas Fristik (P)

William Hayes (B)

Palazzi and 2000 pounders

Hayes, Riley, Palazzi

Hayes, Palazzi

Palazzi and Frankie Guy (CC)

Mt. Fuji from blister

Palazzi, Miner, Fristik

Fristik, Palazzi, Repp

Repp, Miner, Fristik, Palazzi

Tinian bathing beauties

James Crotty (TG)