A Photo Collection from Richard Moore

(Scanned at the Providence Reunion, September 2003)

Section 1, Aircraft Photos

"Sky Queen"
"Angel in Disguise"
"Miss You"
"BSweet II"
Planes on Tinian
"Devilish Snooks"
Planes over Mt. Fuji
"Global Glamour"
"Lady in Waiting"
"Sleepy Time Gal"
"Sky Queen"
"Sleepy Time Gal"
"Global Glamour"
"Angel in Disguise"
"Slave Girl"
"Miss You"
"Lady in Waiting"
"Trouble Maker"
"Miss Hart of America"
"Celestal Queen"
"MUSN' Touch It"

Section 2, Tinian Photos

Section 3, CBI and Miscellaneous Photos

1/Lt. Herbert W. Wright
Original Crew
"Jungle Jim" Moore
1/Lt. Wright Crew; Wright, Catteau, Perry
Berg, Bowers; Kuczynski, Moore,
Behrns, Zimmerman, Smith
"Frank Buck" Moore
Enlisted Men's Club
Interior of Club
Opening Night
Special Services Building
Our Humble Jungle Home
Zim with Goo-Goo Bird
Dave Webster, Moore, Jim, Brahms
Dick Moore
Quarters at Khartum
Main Street
Ancient Water Storage Tanks
Indian Temple
Jane Temple, Calcutta
Calcutta Post Office
Moore, Brahms, Ruggowski
KaliGhat Temple
Capriano, Bertch
Burning Ghats
Street Scene, Calcutta
Dick Moore
Snake Charmer and Cobra
Chouringle Rd., Calcutta
Sikh Cab Drivers
Downtown Calcutta
One Horse Gary
Firpo's Bar
Thomson, Moore, Tucker
Good Friends Cafe, China
Luronig Valley, China
Women Doing Laundry
Water Buffalo
Man Who Blows Horn
to Clear Runway
Prisoners at Ramo Prison
One of King Amel's Soldiers
Gold Coast Beach
Dick Moore
Gold Coast Beach
King Amel's Palace, Nigeria
Nile River, Egypt