Photos from India, Tinian, and the Trip Home

Eugene R. Manfrin Photo Collection

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View from top of Howrah Station
showing crowded conditions
Two British Policemen
with an Inspector in Calcutta
Local Community Housing
(plaster construction)
Two English Policemen in Calcutta
Wagon Road in Poorer Section
of Howrah
Lord Nelson's Monument
in Calcutta Park
Police Duty on
Road to Dum-Dum
Back Yard Pond and Houses
in Poorer Section
Native Overseer of Laborers
with umbrella
Native Heading for Village
after Days Work
Coolie Spraying Stagnant Pools
Ancient Clock in Court Tower,
Indian Troop Quarters,
Market Stalls, Jamshedpur
Native Boy Shoeshine Wallahs,
Native Bearers
Playing Indian Checkers
Pastoral Scene, Chakardhapur
Mohammedan Temple
Front Entrance
Smaller Temple for
Different Uses
Queen Victoria Palace, Calcutta
(now a museum)
St. Paul's Cathedral
Interior of Cathedral
(right side)
St. Pauls's Cathedral
(rear view)
Interior of Cathedral
(left side)
St. Paul's Cathedral
(rear view)
Residential Section
Lord Louis Montbatten arriving at B-29 Base
with Gen Ramey and Col. Sullivan
Mountbatten Party
heading for Jeep
Same Party
Riding in Jeep
Mountbatten leaving
Briefing Room Area
Lord Mountbatten
Discussion with a Tech. Sgt.

Photos of Tinian and the Trip Home

Construction of 40th BG EM Club,
July 1945
Laying Roofing
on Main Wing
Natives Making Brick Wall
under GI Superviaion
Natives on their own
Patio after Rains and Before
Beer Cans Were Picked Up
Spray During a Storm
Heavy Seas Assure
a Continuous Pounding
The Boats are in at Last
Closeup of the
SS Mormac Hawk
Troop Lineup
for Boarding
Gangplank Activity
Pulling Away from Pier
Heading out to Sea
passing an Escort Carrier
Lined up for Chow
(Show your Ticket)
Playing Bingo
Aft of Amidships
Bingo Game seen from
Announcer's Platform
Starboard Side
A Sandwich comes in Handy
At Last - Lighthouse
at L.A. Harbor Entrance
Welcoming Boat in Distance
Welcome Home Boat
Welcome Sign sliding past
SS Evangeline