Marvin M. Stockett

Captain, U.S. Army Air Forces

45th Bomber Squadron, 40th Bomber Group, Very Heavy

Entered the Service from: Oklahoma
Died: June 15, 1944
Missing in Action or Buried at Sea
Tablets of the Missing at Manila American Cemetery
Manila, Philippines

42-6261 STOCKETT’S ROCKET JUNE 15, 1944

AIRCRAFT # 42-6261
JUNE 15, 1944

The Yawata mission was over and had been judged a success, not a single airplane being lost from the 40th Bombardment Group.
Yet the 45th Bombardment Squadron felt a particular loss, which was indirectly a loss due to the mission.
On the morning of 15 June, Capt. Marvin Stockett and crew departed from Chakulia to proceed to the forward area in airplane 42-6261. The plane was assigned to the unit and was loaded to participate in the mission. However, it never reached the forward area. It was last heard from at 0240 Z on 15 June. Several days passed and a check was made to be sure the plane had not made an emergency landing at some field enroute. Reluctantly, it had to be concluded that the plane and crew had gone down. Notification of their loss was made. Everyone in the organization will miss the men in that crew. Hope is held, though, that they are “walking out”.

On that date the crew were listed as MIA.

Listed below are members of the “Stockett’s Rocket”

CAPT.     MARVIN STOCKETT               A/C

2ND LT.    WILLIAM PRUITT                   CP

2ND LT.    MARTIN FISK                            N

2ND LT.    JOSE MORALES                        B

1ST LT.     MAX KENDZUR                        F/E

SGT.        LEWIS LANDAUER                  R

SGT.        JESSE COTTON                        CFC

SGT.        JOHN MONTERO                     G

SGT.        HARRY CRAWFORD               G

SGT.        JOHN EUDY                               G

CPL.        RICHARD LECKLITER                               V