June 5, 2001 is the 57th Anniversary of the first B-29 Combat Mission. The 40th
Bomb Group would lose three B-29's all from the 395th Bomb Squadron.

42-6304 - Major Zamry's Crew. Ditched in Bay of Bengal.
Major Alex Zamry
Cpl. Joseph Harvey

42-6282 - Capt. John Sander's Crew. Ditched in Bay of Bengal.
William Plattenburg, Jr.
Cleo Baker

42-6318 - Major John Keller's Crew. Lost number 2 engine at 100 feet.
John Keller
Arthur Zinstein
Vernon Smith
Paul Wolfinger
Florance Billon
Leon Smith
Charles Deuron
Alvin Schwarz
Russell Butterworth
Charles Patterson

"We Shall Never Forget"