A Photo Collection from John A. Bailey

Scanned at the Providence Reunion, 2003
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Cemetary at A-1, China
B-29's at the RAF Field
on Ceylon
Photos taken just before
10 Aug 44 Raid on Palembang, Sumatra
Bombin' Buggy II
Capt. Ragsdale
#42-24466, "Able Fox"
#42-24579, "Eddie Allen"
Calcutta Railroad Station

Camouflage of #42-6306, Pampered Lady
at Hanchang, China

P-80's, March Field, 1946

Bomb Loading Explosion of 42-24582
14 January 1945

Landing Crash of 42-6222, Deuces Wild
14 September 1944

Inflight Mission Photographs

#503, Nippon Nipper II,
#503, Yawata
#503 Near Saisho Island
#322, Bonny Lee
Showa Steel Works, Anshan
#322, Anshan