A Photo Collection from Jack Henrickson

(Tinian, March to September 1945)

Tinian 1945
Getting orders to clear sugar cane
field for tent housing area
Storm brewing
Funnel cloud forming
Gooch washing clothes (on right)
Ye Ol' Swimming Hole
Always washing clothes
40th BG Mess Hall
(in background)
"Swede" Henrickson, 1945
Work Crew Tent Buddies
Shooting Dice
Ground Crew Tent Buddies
Gooch (on left)
Henrickson and Kukula
Heading out to the
flight line
A wet day
Getting gassed up
Ready to go
Mechanics at work
Engine repairmen
hard at it
Work in progress
Henrickson replacing the
Woodward Electric Head Governor
Another engine change
Henrickson riding a
4000# "block buster"
Edison Mathis
on top of engine
Engine change on
Devilish Snooks
Devilish Snooks, #18
Engine change
in process
My work buddies
Nehiba engine man
Jack Henrickson
Kritzer Blitzer
Mariana Belle, #20
Mariana Belle
Mariana Belle
Mus'n Touch It, #24
Either #16 or #18
#26, S/N 24894
#21, Sleepy Time Gal
Possibly #48
Sgt. "Swede" Henrickson
Propeller Specialist
Take off ready
Unknown Identity
#26 Yucatan Kids
Warming 'em up
Maybe #46 ot #48
Henrickson sitting
in cockpit
8 Ball Charlie
8 Ball Charlie
ready for takeoff
8 Ball Charlie
Ground Crew
Unknown aircraft
Either Flak Magnet, #25 or
Bombin' Buggy II, #25
Repairs were
never ending
Not known
20th AF Operations Order
No. 21, 8 Oct 45
#26, Homeward Bound
personnel Manifest
20 Man Ditching Procedures
B-29 #26