Dedication of the B-29 Model on the Honor Court
United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado
September 8, 2000
(Photos by G. M. "Bud" Etherington)

The B-29 Model

B-29 Commemorative Plaque

Representing the 40th BG
Bud Etherington

AFA Academy Chapel in back

The Academy Chapel

Chapel Interior

Hap Halloran and Bud Etherington
Two former POW's

Bud and Hap

Paul Tibbets and his son
with Bud Etherington

Dedication of the B-29 Memorial Plaza at Great Bend, Kansas
September 9, 2000
(Photos by G. M. "Bud" Etherington)

B-29 Memorial Plaza

The 40th Bomb Group
Commemorative Plaque

Plaza, View 2

Dedication Ceremony

Artist's Rendering

Ceremony, View 2

These added photos by Cal Brown, Spring 2001

Added photos with B-29 Model added, Late Spring 2001

These 2 from George Koepke, RG, Crew #25
878th SQ, 499th BG, 73rd Wing