Photo Collection of T/Sgt Bob B. Creager

(From his son, Bob R. Creager)

Deployment and the CBI Theater

Robert Ream Crew,
Accra, 7 Nov 44
Chakulia Barracks
Col. Wemple, L/Col Weber
Lord Mountbatten
Punjabi Troops
with English C.O.
Road to airstrip
during monsoons
Flodded road
Monsoon floods
Ox Cart and native
on jungle trail
Women bearers haul wood
Native women at work
Chinese soldier
at revetment on base
NCO Club in China
Takeoff from China
Mukden mission
"The Village Store"
outside advanced China Base
Busy Chengtu street
with a Studebaker
Aftermath of abortion
in China
The "Hump"
Emergency strip
in the Hump

Tinian and the Pacific

Swimming hole, Tinian
View of ocean
from NCO Club at Tinian
NCO Club (L rear)
Mess Hall (R rear)
War Room
40th BG Theater
War Room and 44th SQ area
Jap held Island
Aguijan in background
before takeoff
at the War Room
40th BG Chapel
Military Cemetary, Tinian
Wrecked Jap tanks
Shot down
Jap "Betty"
Prehistoric ruins
Heavy load
used all of strip
Tinian sunset takeoff
Formation over Tinain
3 Sept 45
Col. Wemple, Lt. Markham
Lt. Markham
smoke from #2 nacelle
Night raider
Tokyo bound
During hurricane
After the hurricane
Hurricane aftermath

Iwo Jima

Iwo Jima
Cave on Iwo Jima

Aerial Photos of Japan

B-29 Aircraft
and B-24 Dumbos

40th BG, 45th SQ
"Eight Ball Charlie"
40th BG, 44th SQ
"Wichita Witch"
444thBG, 678th SQ
Iron George"
313th Wing Aircraft
6thBG, 40th SQ
313th Wing
6th BG, 39th SQ
25th SQ, "genie"
45th SQ
"Honeywell Honey"
44th SQ
"Sky Queen"
Changing #4
"Sleepy Time Gal"
468th BG, 792nd SQ
45th SQ
USS Comfort's Revenge"
444th BG, 677th SQ
444th BG
444th BG
468th BG, 793rd SQ
B-24 "Dumbo"
468th BG, 792nd SQ
B-24 "Dumbo"

T/Sgt Bob B. Creager