Faith Ferguson is the daughter of Alan Ferguson who was a passenger on #326 the day it crashed. Here is information on crew and #326:

42-6326 - 45th Bomb Squadron - Delivered to the USAAF on
1/25/44 - Model B-29-10-BW - Departed Pratt for India on 4/2/44 and arrived at Chakulia, India on 4/18/44.

6/19/44 42-6326 crash landed at Hsinching,
China. MACR 6600.

June 19, 1944, Capt. Jasper Woodruff and crew flying 42-6326 on a routine cargo flight to A1 were forced to land at the emergency field at Hsinching, China. The landed had to be made because of engine failure. Upon landing Capt. Woodruff locked the brakes and 42-6326 immediately started skidding. The strip was being worked on at the South end. Just before skidding into the portion under construction, the nose wheel collapsed when it hit a small ditch. 42-6326 then down on its nose plowed into heaps of rocks being used in the construction, which helped to bring it to a stop, but regretfully resulted in the death of nine Chinese laborers who were working there. The crew was safe, but 42-6326 would need four new engines, four props and nose section before it would fly again.

Several days passed before a C-47 picked up the crew and took them to
Kunming. They were then brought back to Chakulia.

42-6326 never flew again and was scrapped for parts on


Capt. Jasper Woodruff - AC
William Clay - CP
Thomas Brennan - N
Joseph Buchowitz - FE
Paul Hunter - RO
J.T. Stockton - RG
Edwin Spikes - LG
T/Sgt. Alan D. Ferguson - Passenger