A Photo Collection from
Charles A. "Chuck" Chandler

(Scanned at the Providence Reunion, 2003)

Advanced Base (A1) in China
Formation on Bomb Run
Smilin' Jack
Chandler at Tail Gunners Position
L/Col Wilkinson's
"Smokey Stover"
Chandler and an L=5
Engineering and Ground Crew
w/Tabooma II, 42-63374
Sgts. Frank and Balutis
Painting Insignia
Sir Trofrepus, 42-6237
Bomb Loading
Devilish Snooks, 42-63527
Shoot, You're Faded!
Eight Ball Charlie
Last Resort
Miss Donna Lee
Formation over Tinian
Full Squadron in Flight
"Draggin' Lady" fueling
Changing Engines
Pioneer III, a 468th BG Plane
"Draggin' Lady", 42-63505
"Deacon's Disciples"
"Drunkard Stagger In"
"U.S.S. Comfort's Revenge"
"The Cajun Queen"
"Chicago Sal"
a 468th BG plane
"Sleepy Time Gal"
Capt. Robert Copley Crew
Includes Lts. Jones, Offerman
Smith and Perry
"Musn' Touch It"
"Lady Marge"
a 444th BG plane
"Calamity Jane"
"Sky Queen"
"Ramblin' Wreck"
Take Off at Sunset, Tinian
In Flight
Heavy Takeoff
U.S.S. Missouri in Tokyo Harbor
Emperor Hirohito's Palace, Tokyo
Yokohama Airfield
Volcanic Peak
25th Squadron in Flight
Tokyo Airfield
25th Squadron in Flight
Planes over Inactive Volcano
Planes Alongside
from Engineer's Window
"Flak Magnet"
ex "genie" ???
"Draggin' Lady"
"Global Glamour"
"Sandbagger" #42-24728
462nd BG Aircraft
B-32 on Okinawa

Aircraft hit 7 telegraph poles
when taking off from China
for Tinian and barely made it back
around for an emergency landing